The following page displays the most frequently asked questions and their corresponding responses regarding our platform. Should you need further information, please contact us

An on-line social advocacy and mobilisation community that fosters participation, exchanges and meetings among organisations, groups and individuals concerned with social justice from a religious point-of-view.

To support and raise awareness regarding social advocacy initiatives led by social organisations linked to the Church by mobilising the public.

Many social organisations and groups from the ecclesial ecosystem provide direct attention to marginalised and vulnerable groups. However, its wide-based presence does not mean it has a relevant voice in the public sphere that is able to rally the public and influence decision-makers.

We believe our mission is a process that is not only limited to the fieldwork we perform but also part of the stages of accompaniment, serving, reflecting, raising awareness and defending. However, we struggle to implement the last stages—especially defending.

“Visibles.org” brings together all the social work carried out by the Society of Jesus onto one platform. Its objective is to promote and raise awareness among the public regarding social justice within the framework of the Church's social doctrine.

Social organisations and groups

They use the platform to raise awareness around the causes they defend. They also use it to gain public support to drive change.

The Public

Individuals participate by supporting and raising awareness around the CAUSES they support.

A CAUSE is a social reality that needs to be transformed in order to achieve a greater justice. The public's participation is key in driving change.

The platform acts as a roadmap for individuals responsible for uploading content regarding their cause. The platform provides prompts to help these individuals collect the necessary content to edit the CAUSE and request the public's participation. Adopt the methodology “see- judge- act” to the following diagram:

Come closer - What is happening?
Describe the situation you want to change. It also includes the corresponding advocacy plan with supporting images, videos, personal stories, and any other means to help communicate the narrative.

Learn - Why?
Paint a picture of the situation and provide in-depth information and analysis with relevant figures, policies, reports, links to blogs, etc. Include material so individuals can further their knowledge in groups or in a classroom environment, and assimilate the information and pray.

Support - How can I help?
Suggest on-line action, participation and commitment initiatives. This includes collecting signatures, sending letters, publishing on social networks, and publishing live content of functions, rallies and demonstrations

Celebrate - What was achieved?
Identify, acknowledge and give thanks for the progress made and achievements gained. Provide participants with reports.

We promote causes that are in favour of social justice and are aligned with the guiding principles of the Church's social doctrine in the following areas: migration; at-risk minors and youth; international cooperation; ecology and environment; fair economy and poverty reduction; inequality; democracy and participation; and human rights.

Social organisations and groups who would like to raise awareness around a CAUSE need to fill out the form available on the VISIBLES.org website to apply for registration.  

Once approved, they will receive their login information to access a user-friendly, on-line publishing environment. They can then publish a CAUSE and communicate with its supporters.

Before a cause is published, it is vetted by the by the platform's council to ensure it complies with the established editorial criteria. Special attention is paid to the following to guarantee:

  • Causes are aligned with the guiding principles of the Church's social doctrine.
  • Organisations have sufficient means to support and promote a cause.
  • Organisations have named a "Champion" who acts as a spokesperson and is the owner of the cause.

The public can participate in CAUSES and take action by clicking on the CTAs located by the information box.

“VISIBLES.org" is promoted and spearheaded by Spain's Society of Jesus' social branch. It is designed to be an open space where belief-driven social organisations, who want to take action in support of justice, can meet and participate. Foundation ALBOAN is responsible for the technical management of the platform.

  • It supports and complements actions undertaken by organisations. It raises awareness around situations and CAUSES of injustice and calls for the public's support.
  • The support becomes tangible when it is reflected in numbers.
  • The platform can be leveraged to reach more people on social networks and periodic newsletter
  • It increases and improves communications with supporters.
  • Content can be viewed on SMARTPHONES which makes it easier to receive support and share CAUSES.
  • The platform is available in the following languages: Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque and English
  • Its use is free of charge.
  • The platform is moderated and monitored in accordance with editorial guidelines to ensure the quality and rigour of the CAUSES and published content are upheld