1st anniversary, thanks for your support

Current events
28 October 2019

We have started a new course and we have celebrated our first anniversary.

Step by step , and thanks to the support of all of you, friends and followers, we are walking to fulfill our mission: to build an online community of "social" activists where the citizenship and the social organizations, together, committed to social justice, participate.

We know that we have a lot left but we are happy because we have helped make visible the work, the #Causes, of many organizations, mobilizing more than 7,000 citizens.

For a year now we have supported more than a dozen causes: the demands of domestic workers; the ethical public purchase in the town halls; the reduction of single-use plastics; the closure of the CIE; a protection system for minors, etc.

And we have started the fall with a lot of energy ...

  • In September, with Ecojesuit, we have connected with the international community, the youngest and the most activist, participating in the “Mobilization for Climate Change” and our “common house”.
  • In October, thanks to the trust of the group of organizations led by the “Asociación apoyo”, with the cause “We want appointments in the Foreign Offices NOW”, we have helped to make visible the problems of the foreign citizenship that become "illegal" because they can not renovate their "legal papers" because nobody can assist them.
  • Today, about to turn 1 year old, we have added a new cause asking the "Buñol City Council" to suspend the “Cross the limit: Asylum” event.

We can be happy and grateful because, among all, our community is moving forward.

We would love to keep the support of all of you because, only in this way, we would continue moving forward and helping more organizations to make visible their causes and their calls for mobilization and volunteering.

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