COP 25 Madrid, Mobilise and act for climate change! #TimeForAction

COP 25 - Movilizaciones convocadas
Current events
29 November 2019

The COP25, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, has already begun.

In Madrid, under the presidency of the Government of Chile.

Although it was initially planned to be held in Chile, due to its current social situation, it will finally be held in Madrid. Its agenda will focus mainly on the implementation of the objectives of the Paris Agreement, a commitment that was reached after COP21 and entered into force in 2016.

  •     The 195 signatory countries have pledged to improve the reduction of their emissions and to put in place the necessary mechanisms to limit global warming to below 2ºC.
  •     However, the plans of governments to reduce their emissions are insufficient and even the UN has recently warned that even fulfilling the commitments of the Agreement the objective of limiting the increase in global temperature will be out of reach before 2030. In addition, some of the world's most polluting nations, such as the United States and Brazil, have withdrawn from the Agreement.

The most social and mobilizing COP

More than 25,000 people from 200 countries are expected to attend the meeting between 2 and 13 December.

This COP25 is taking place at a crucial moment, where civil society has also mobilized around the world - Fridays For Future, World Climate Strike... - to express the need to establish urgent measures to halt climate change and ensure the sustainability of the planet.

Almost all social organizations are mobilizing their bases and promoting initiatives so that citizens can ask their governments to act NOW.

We highlight some initiatives of our organizations:

  1.     Ecojesuit besides participating in several events promotes this collection of signatures
  2.     Entreculturas will be present in different spaces, with other organizations of the Social Sector of the Society of Jesus.
  • Thursday 5 December at the Forum 'Laudato Si' (in the Paul VI Foundation, from 10h to 14h)
  • In the debate tables "Education, motor of social change"
  1. Alboan and all MAG+S organisations will promote and participate in local and global mobilisations, such as "The March for Climate", which is expected to be large, on Friday 6 December in Madrid.

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