Covid-19 vaccines for all countries: Ask for temporary waiver of patent rights!

Health is a public good, a universal right. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the inequalities in access to coronavirus vaccines.
While rich countries have moved ahead by acquiring most of the vaccine production, impoverished countries lack the funds and resources needed to develop their vaccination plans.
We therefore call for support for the initiative put forward by India and South Africa to temporarily suspend patent rights related to Covid-19 vaccines and the technology needed to produce them. This will facilitate decentralization of production, lower costs and access to the vaccine for the most excluded.
The rich countries and the pharmaceutical industries have opposed any progress in this direction. But at the same time, an unprecedented wave of solidarity has been unleashed among civil society and thousands of people have already signed up to demand access to vaccines for the poorest countries at this critical time.
Your support is very important. Sign this petition and join your voice to those of thousands of people demanding our governments to temporarily waive patent rights.

Sources: Creative Commons image ("Microemulsion could allow vaccines to be stockpiled long-term" by Army Medicine is licensed under CC BY 2.0)