Take the Pledge, stand with those seeking asylum

#I engage with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers

Migration is a natural phenomenon and will become increasingly normal in our modern society. It has come to stay and to promote a culture of diversity, covivility and a dignified welcome is very important.

Migrants, asylum seekers, unaccompanied minors and young people, people in transit or in vulnerable situations have rights and obligations that have to be guaranteed.

As a person committed to Human Rights:

  1. I affirm that all people have the right to migrate in search of a livelihood and security; and also, the right to be welcomed with dignity and hospitality.
  2.  I reject prejudice, hoaxes and criminalisation: of migrants and human rights activists and NGOs.
  3. I sign and commit myself to migrants who seek protection and a space of peace:
  • To manifest my solidarity: to feel affected by the reality of sisters who escape violence and poverty seeking a dignified future and to show solidarity by rejecting false and xenophobic statements that criminalize people who migrate.
  • Accompany and support: Accompany people who seek to build a future project far from their home in our society; support these people in my community, my neighborhood or my city.
  • Act and defend: hold political authorities accountable and ask them to protect these people against violence, repression and inequality, in order to preserve the inherent dignity of migrants and refugees.

The support of all, all citizenship, is very important. With your signature you will be helping other people who seek refuge or asylum, and need access to a space of protection and peace and whose rights are being violated.

This initiative is inspired by a petition from the Ignatian Solidarity Network and is promoted by Hospitality (*). It is open to all like-minded organizations that share its objectives and want to join in involving citizens and promoting a culture of hospitality and dignified welcome.


(*) Hospitality is an initiative of the organizations of the Social Sector of the Society of Jesus for the promotion of a culture of solidarity and inclusion with migrants and refugees, through welcoming, cooperation, advocacy, awareness and education, we want to generate a space of understanding, accompaniment, support and welcome.