For the Ratification of Convention 189, for the rights of domestic workers

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From the Jesuit Service for Migrants they collect signatures and endorsements to support this claim of domestic and care workers, who have been fighting for years for the recognition of their rights.

Convention 189 (*) of the ILO (International Labor Organization) was approved 10 years ago but many countries, including Spain, still have not implemented it.

This Convention 189 is binding on the states that ratify it and commits them to equate the labor rights of domestic workers with those of other workers.

At the state level, one in every 3 domestic workers lives below the poverty line, being exposed to various forms of exploitation, abuse and violations of their rights. The ratification of Convention 189 would be a very important step to achieve the recognition of their labor rights, for example: unemployment benefits, which are currently denied to these workers, despite the value of their work for family conciliation and even more. as essential workers during the Covid19 pandemic.

The Jesuit Migrant Service asks politicians to commit to this CAUSE and to these "8 white lines":

  1. Ratify ILO Convention 189 and comply with it effectively
  2. Make their working conditions equal to those of the rest of the workers.
  3. Improve the working conditions of domestic workers, mainly "internal" migrant women.
  4. Effectively regulate the right to unemployment benefit.
  5. Eliminate employer withdrawal from the regulations because it discriminates against female workers.
  6. Promote orientation and aid actions aimed at employers in precarious situations, to support hiring according to fair conditions.
  7. Establish specialized devices for labor inspection, given the conditions in this area, to monitor cases of vulnerability and allow action in situations such as:
  • Lack of affiliation to Social Security.
  • Excessive working hours, more than 12 hours a day and more than 60 hours a week, as well as little or no rest periods, without holidays or vacations, especially for inmates.
  • Perform tasks that pose a risk to your health or safety or that do not correspond to them.
  • Lack of remuneration for hours of presence
  • Degrading and humiliating situations, which contain multiple forms of violence, including sexual harassment.
  1. Generate a discourse that values ​​the contribution of this sector, both in the economic sphere and in the social and family sphere.

With your signature to support domestic workers and caregivers

(*) The objective of Convention 189 on decent work for domestic workers approved 10 years ago, on June 16, 2011 was: to change the historical situation of social injustice and combat the low recognition of domestic work, developed mainly by migrant women, highlighting their fundamental role for economic development and for family reconciliation.

The SJM technicians work with groups of women domestic workers and are connected with all the associations in this sector. At the same time, they carry out public advocacy activities, supported by campaigns to collect signatures, and meet regularly with all political groups and with those responsible for the areas of Migration, Employment and Gender, at the national and regional levels.

This online signature collection was opened in October 2018, coordinated by the Jesuit Migrant Service (SJM), F. Ellacuria, A. Claver, Pueblos Unidos, Migra Studio and is open to all organizations that share its objective and are aligned. You can join here

Your support is very important. Thank you.