Get mobilized and act on Climate Change!

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COP26 has already started and "we are in". Join, Participate and Sign yourself too!
Climate change is a serious problem but any global debate is now being won by COVID-19. These are the two great crises that humanity faces today and that will be discussed at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, COP26, to be held in Glasgow in November.
Both crises are very important and we cannot focus all efforts only on the pandemic and wait for countries to agree to manage it. Beyond the availability and access to vaccines (which is absolutely necessary), it is time to talk more about the weather and take action.
Two years ago, before COVID19, COP25 was held in Madrid in November 2019. With the motto is #TimeToAct, more than 25,000 people, from 200 countries, gathered to dialogue and to mobilize for our planet, for our "common home".
For this year 2021, it is about making profound changes in attitudes and values ​​that lead to action. It's about committing:

  • because the environment does not differentiate borders between countries or societies
  • because we are getting closer and closer to demonstrating that there is a close relationship, cause-effect, between the intensive activities of large companies, the effects of climate change (droughts, floods, etc.) and the impact on the human rights of the most disadvantaged.

With your signature, we will remind our government representatives that there is NO time, that the wheel has to turn now, that our planet cannot wait and neither can the millions of people who suffer directly from climate change.

You and your organization can act and mobilize in many ways:

  1. By signing here, on our platform, with all citizens to demand of our governments:
  • the adoption of concrete measures to rapidly reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero
  • the immediate declaration of the State of Climate Emergency
  • the implementation of the Paris Agreement and to fulfil their commitments to mitigate the effects of climate change
  1. Mobilizing your classroom, your school, your university and promoting dialogues, discussions and educational activities on climate change.
  2. Supporting our campaign on social networks, twitter and facebook @visibles_org and @ecojesuit
  • Invite your network of friends and supporters to join this cause
  • Share our news about the climate emergency, mobilizations and support actions in institutes, educational centers, etc.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter.
  1. In solidarity with young people and future generations: Collaborate with advocacy groups for climate action, participate in the COP26 Regional Climate Weeks, etc.

This initiative was launched on September 27, 2019, on the occasion of strikes for climate change worldwide and was later updated in November 2019 with the celebration of COP25.

It is promoted by Ecojesuit, many organizations have already joined (Ignatian Solidarity Network, Global Catholic Climate Movement, some from the CPAL environment) and it is open to all organizations that want to join and involve citizens in the implementation of processes of change to improve the situation of serious environmental crisis that our Common House suffers.

Sign! and Mobilize with us at COP 26 Glasgow!
Do not stay out! For our planet! For our common home!

Find out more: In Spanish, through [email protected] and in English through [email protected]".