Our mission is to build an on-line social advocacy and mobilisation community. This platform fosters participation, exchanges and meetings among organisations, groups and individuals concerned with social justice from a religious point-of-view.

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01 Objectives

Engage the public, drive public participation processes in the public sphere and draw attention to the CAUSES social organisations and groups work on daily.

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02Causes that need YOUR support

These are CAUSES which are in favour of social justice and promoted by organisations and groups. These causes are aligned with the guiding principles of the Church's social doctrine. The following lists some of their lines of action:

  • Migration
  • At-risk minors and youth
  • International cooperation
  • Ecology and environment
  • Fair economy and poverty reduction
  • Inequality
  • Democracy and participation. 
  • Human rights
  • ....

CAUSES are presented in simple and agile formats. Information and resources are available for each cause so individuals can delve deeper. Specific proposed actions are also described based on a common methodology that proposes resources to: see (come closer), delve (immerse yourself) and act (join).  


03 Organisations and Networks

Visibles is an on-line platform that raises awareness and promotes the work conducted by the Church's social organisations. It serves as an advocacy tool for social organisations and groups. It also acts as an advocacy meeting and networking point to foster collaborative efforts and increase the impact of social actions.

Social organisations and groups participate on the platform. They promote the "CAUSES" they support and look to rally the public around said causes to drive change.

If you are an organisation and want to promote a cause, fill out this form and join our community.

Before a cause is published, it is vetted by the platform's council who assesses the cause based on a set of pre-determined editorial criteria.

Causes and organisations

Every time an authorised social organisation needs to collect signatures or support a specific action to eliminate or mitigate an injustice, it has access to a catered on-line work environment. It can publish, document and disseminate A CAUSE on social networks. It can also be used to collect signatures, send invitations to demonstrations and share prayers.


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04 Responsible Citizenship

Citizens can easily participate and take action in favour of social justice. All the causes published on Visibles deserve your support. The causes are promoted by robust and committed organisations. They are properly documented and lead special actions to drive change. This includes:
  • Collecting signatures and email addresses because the more individuals support a cause, the more chances their cause will be recognised.
  • Inviting others to join a cause via social platforms and/or email CTAs
  • Joining local demonstrations in support of a cause
  • Receiving training to further develop and acquire the necessary tools to personally defend a cause.
  • Joining prayers that support the cause.
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05 An Open and Moderate Platform is open to organisations, groups, networks, movements and ideas that share the same objectives and identity. The project is promoted and spearheaded by Spain's Society of Jesus' social branch.

Organisations and groups are responsible for the causes and content they promote. Visibles monitors causes to ensure they comply with its editorial policy.

Visibles does not necessarily share all the content and opinions uploaded in support of causes promoted on its platform. 


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06 A Free, Transparent, Non-Profit Project

Credibility is a key element of our work in order to effectively denounce situations of injustice. It is based on the trust placed by several individuals and entities tied to our organisations. This is why is a non-profit project that is made available cost-free to organisations and groups who wish to participate.

It is managed by Fundación Alboan, who holds a Transparency and Good Governance Certificate, It guarantees that the social commitments it upholds comply with the responsibility and transparency framework. It is recognised and regularly audited by an external and independent entity.

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